30 Hard Miles
by Jen Schaller

I'm working through some planar fasciitis in my right foot. I'm managing to get my miles in, but not the really long ones that I had hoped for. I ran a lot of back-to-back runs; 15 on Saturday, and 12 on Sunday, and so on.


Chronicles of the 2012 Michigan North Country Trail Run
by Jen Schaller

The challenge came about a year ago, "I'll run the full trail marathon, if you run the 50 mile ultra marathon". This challenge came from Jeanette, one of my Recliner to Runner 5k Program graduates.


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"The Recliner to Runner Program has helped me stop the trend of laziness! I can actually run without being out of breath or exhausted! After having my third child losing weight was extremely hard. My figure is starting to form back with only five weeks of being in the program. I've lost eight pounds!"

Kathi H. – Illinois

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